Mar 27, 2011

How about achieving a 10/10 Iman?

In The Name of Allah, the Almighty

When we work on mastery programs, be it financial mastery, health mastery, relationship mastery or leadership mastery, we work to get a 10/10 rating in them. However, it is much more important for us to know what would it take to get a 10/10 rating in Iman and how would it look like.

10/10 Iman?
We should all strive for the Iman that will get us into Al-Firdous, the highest level of Paradise. But we cannot rate a 10/10 for our Iman because that would mean we have perfected Iman, which really is not possible.

10/infinity rating system
In this system, you rate the highest level of Iman as “infinity”: a level known to Allah alone. And we work every week/month/year to reach a better level of perfection.

First, write down your current Iman level. Just write the first number that comes to your mind. And write this in a paper. Let’s say, the number three. Now, write what is that you should do to take your Iman to the number four. May be you could improve your focus on prayer, or you could try to pray Fajr in the Masjid. Once you have defined number four, work on achieving it and becoming consistent in it. After that write down and work for number five and so on till you reach the number 10.

What if I reach my number 10
Once you reach the number 10 on the infinity scale, you will put your current Iman back to a lesser number and start again. Work your way to the new number 10 level.

The perfect Iman
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had the most perfect Iman a human being could ever have. So, let’s try to emulate his life and worship to build our relationship with Allah. Insha Allah, with the blessing of Allah, we will then get more closer to our dream of having near-perfect Iman.

– Success Muslim


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