Jun 12, 2012

Help and reap immeasurable rewards.

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Pl Contact in mail, if you need a handwritten request and/or hospital acknowledgment.

    This letter is in regard to one of a Tamilian who was severely injured while working in Riyadh and is seeking all of our help.

Habibur Rahman from Melappalayam Tirunelveli District after completing his alim course from Usmaniyya arabic college , had to go to Riyadh to work and thereby support his family in poverty .
    In his work , while he was trying to attach a built steel room onto the elevator , the rope that was tied  with the rollerwheel , got cut , and fell right onto the steel room floor base and he was severely injured , his spine bones collapsed .  . He wasn't able to feel anything from below his ribs. He was taken to the hospital for first aid treatment ...After a short  treatment , the hospital administration sent him out.Don't know why !
    The company that was in charge of the entire lift project declined that Habirur Rahman worked for them and they cannot offer help. The sub-contract company that he worked for, gave only Rs .2000  and said they can't do more. So his family and friends are trying to get him to a hospital in Kottayam in Kerala for further treatment. Meanwhile he is staying in a Riyadh baddha - aljazeera hospital room with the help of Br.Shihab and Kerala association
    Br.Habib Rahman has three sisters. His family , being poor ,he took the responsibility of three sisters'  wedding  and everything .Now he himself is in a very bad condition.
    So please if you could help with anything ,Allah SWT will reward you immensely. His family is trying to fly him in  Air India ( with wheel chair assistance because he cannot sit ) to Cochin and then to Kottayam. It is definitely going to cost a lot.
    So whatever your help would be , send them to imthias@imthias.com. We'll send them to concerned person as soon as possible.

Riyadh and Saudi Tamil Sangam
Chairman: Taffaraj
Phone - 0540753261

May Allah accept all our good deeds, Kindly find below the bank details, you may transfer to any of the bank below;

Saudi British Bank :  005-060520-101 IBAN : SA6645000000005060520101
Saudi Hollandi Bank : 032289448688 IBAN : SA09 5000 0000 0322 8944 8688
Al-Rajhi Bank : 166608010107787 IBAN : SA15 8000 0166 6080 1010 7787
Indian Bank : Name:  Aimthias Ahmed   (yes, No Spelling mistakes. This is the proper name.)
        Account number : A/C : 6134 0120 0541 NRO

        ICICI BANK, Thillai Nagar Branch, Trichy
        Branch Code: 006134
        MICR Code: 620229004
ICICI ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME: Abdul Rahman Imthias Ahmed

Name :

InshaAllah I shall handover the money to the concerns.
Best Regards,
Ahmed Imthias

Contact Person in India:
Name: Mohamed Sheikh Farook (Patient's Father)
Account Number: 1109101037051   
Bank:Canara Bank, Melapalayam Branch  

Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
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