Apr 7, 2011

Points from Wednesday Halaqa

as Salamu alaykum wa Rahmathullah,

We, a little bunch of sisters in Islam, discuss Qur'an and Hadith regarding various topics every wednesday. So I thought, I would share few points here whenever I attend it. Hope it benefits you all. Do du'as.

  • Whoever is in jahannam, if (s)he has read kalima or has an atom of eeman, will be saved from fire.
  • The key of Jannah is Salah and Wudu is the key of Salah. So beware of your Wudu and beware of your Salah.
  • Pray at the intial hours. Do not delay. When you delay the Salah, the rewards are lessened. And when you delay it till the end moment leaving only enough time to finish your salah, there is no reward. Only the 'Salah:Completed' act is written. Allah loves those who pray Salah on earlier time, everytime. Hamdulilllah.
  • Those who memorize Qur'an, ont he day of Yawmal qiyamah will be beautified with a  'Taj' so powerful that it will diminish the radiance of Sun. The parents of such will be beautified with dresses whose radiance challenges the Sun. Subhanallah, what better reason you have to not to memorize The Noble Qur'an??
 Insha Allah will continue next Wednesday...

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