Apr 14, 2011

Halal Products - Verified personally by Emails.

as Salamu alaykum wa rahmathullah,

Though I am a finger licking Halal Biriyani-Maniac, I use some products from Walmart aisle and Costco's often. My husband, brings unverified stuff whenever something attracts him. I keep it unopened till I verify it's contents to be halal. Hence this post. Think I would add up here often, insha Allah. If you know of anything Halal, personally verified by you, kindly comment here. Thank you.


Dear Mrs. Annu:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

In answer to your question, most of our products contain eggs with the  exception of our chocolate puddings and SmartGels.  We have also attached a statement concenring our natural flavors.

We appreciate your interest in our products.

Susan Higney
Consumer Relations Supervisor.

Their attachment

Raskas Cream cheese 
(from Costco)

This is verified by Muslim Consumer Group here.

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